Although mystery is its very own genre, mystery can also be observed

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 in a number of different genres as properly. There is no concrete listing of subgenres in mystery and elements of mystery can be introduced to almost any novel, short story, poem, or film script. Below is a basic list of what these subgenres may appear like. Visit :- ตำนานลึกลับ

Tea Cozy

A tea relaxed or “Cozy” mystery is a mystery with a light tone and factors of humor. The sleuth probably does not have any sort of medical or police education. The sleuth may additionally, but, be followed via an reputable detective who may also or might not approve of the civilian sleuth nosing round. Agatha Christie’s Miss Jane Marple is the world’s maximum well-known tea relaxed sleuth. In the United States, Jessica Fletcher is the American version of Miss Marple. They are each elderly ladies, who stay in small cities and take place to encounter sex and murder scandals. Each of them has a light sense of humor.


A caper is a person or organization of characters who’ve devoted an intricate crime. Sometimes it is the theft of a treasured, closely guarded painting or a bank heist. Capers can variety from being comedic to noir.

Police Procedural

A police procedural thriller capabilities a protagonist that may be a police officer. He or she won’t be excessive rating and likely regarded by different officers as a bumbling oaf. Something tips this police officer off and so she or he uses police statistics and follows police tactics to clear up or prevent against the law.

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