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Batman Arkham Asylum Game Review

Batman: Arkham Asylum has been given some sweet reviews. It is well liked by everyone who plays it and caters to many age groups. Not only did it sell two million copies in two weeks, it also won a spot in Guinness world book of records as the best acclaimed super hero game. The writer of this game has been working on Batman for many years and is well seasoned with the characters and story lines so he was able to keep the game true with some new twists and spins.

This game plays in the third person where you are controlling batman. The game begins right in the heart of the drama, as Batman chases toward the asylum and the Joker follows behind. The Joker breaks into the crazy asylum and makes plans with some of the bad guys to form an evil group. After he arranges his top secret plans, a fire emerges and the Joker escapes from harm. Batman has to overcome many hurtles as he attempts to keep the Joker from releasing all of the crazy patients. He must dart over buildings and open gas vents to do this.

The game contains some gory parts which make it true to the movie The Dark Knight. There are a few violent images but nothing too disturbing. At times there are girls in skimpy outfits and the odd use of bad words, but nothing too over the top. The main functions in the game are to explore the world and fight bad guys as they try to stop you. There are four types of fighting moves you can choose from; strike, reverse, jump and stun. And with these moves you can do drop kicks, elbow slams and punch.

So, the game was really one of the best when it was released, just as the Batman: Arkham City. But according to this news article, it seems that these two games are going to be remastered for the PS4 and Xbox one consoles. That means that maybe this new Batman Arkham HD Collection will be even better and that Batman will maybe be the best game released for 2019.

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