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Bounce House Rental

Although a bounce house is a great way to liven up any gathering that involves a group of children, people often make the assumption that they are too expensive for their budgets. This is often not the case; renting a bounce house can be surprisingly inexpensive and simple.

Choosing a Bounce House Company

Like many other commodities, the cheapest bounce house available is not always the safest or most sanitary choice. In fact, many bounce house companies rent their oldest, most worn bounce houses at a discounted rate. While this may seem like a fantastic deal for a party-thrower on a budget, it is important to understand that the safety of the children is the most important thing to consider. There are more effective ways of renting a cheap bounce house than sacrificing the safety of the attending children in any way. Consider larger companies, a smaller bounce house, or even a shortened rental time in order to get the least expensive rental possible.

Large Companies

Nationwide bounce house companies are often able to provide rentals at lower costs than smaller local businesses. In order to do this, however, the rental must be secured much earlier in order to ensure the bounce house will be delivered and set up on time for the event. It is often best to call at least 30 days ahead of time to ask about prices, availability and delivery. Many bounce house rental companies will allow customers to make reservations as far as six months ahead of time as long as they are willing to prepay their deposit for the equipment.

Bounce House

Bounce House Size

The popularity of bounce houses has led to some very interesting developments in recent years. Some bounce houses feature water pools, some have more than one room, and still others have features like climbing walls and slides. When the budget is an issue, remember that the smaller the bounce house is, the less the price will ultimately be. A single-room bounce house without features is much less expensive than a multi-room bounce house with a slide and a pool.

Length of Rental

Most bounce houses can be rented by the day or in hourly blocks. Although there are discounts available for rentals of more than one day, most people are satisfied with renting their bounce house for a single day or even for a few hours. The most common timeframes for hourly rentals are six and eight hour blocks, but many companies—especially local ones—will allow for four-hour rentals. There are additional savings to be had when the bounce house is only rented for the length of time necessary. So if you are searching for affordable bounce house rental in Evansville you can refer to this website to get the best deals.

Deposit Return

Most companies require an equipment deposit that is returned once the equipment has been picked up undamaged and clean. In order to maximize the amount of savings associated with the rental, the equipment should be taken care of while it is on the renter’s property. This means that all rules and regulations in regard to the use of the bounce house should be followed carefully and the renter should ensure that children do not take gum, food, drinks or toys into the bounce house with them while playing.

There are many ways to lessen the expense of renting a bounce house, but the most effective way to find the cheapest rental available is to simply check the rates of multiple companies. Safety should always come first, but getting a low price is a high priority on the lists of many.

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