How Mediation Works

Both parties have to want to mediate otherwise mediation cannot help to solve the problems that have arisen. It may be that one or both parties will want to have an initial meeting with the mediator before making up their minds whether they wish to commit to the process. This is a good idea. A couple can agree to meet with the mediator together or on their own for this first fact finding meeting. Most mediators like to meet with each individual alone for a short time initially and then bring the couple together if the parties are happy with that. By attending one meeting, neither party is committing to undergo the process. A decision can be reached at the end of the first meeting when more is understood about how mediation works.

Once underway, the mediation process involves the couple talking their differences through in the company of the trained, neutral family mediator with a view to reaching their own agreements and solutions to the problems they are facing. Most couples will know how difficult it is to have these conversations at home and will probably have attempted to reach their own agreements informally. Emotions such as anger and resentment can get in the way and those conversations can become very negative and this is when the Miams Family Mediation Service is needed the most.

In mediation the family mediator controls this process for the couple in order to create an environment in which they can communicate more effectively. This does not mean that emotions are not given expression. It is important in many cases that things are spoken about in a frank and honest way. However, the couple will be encouraged to listen carefully to what the other has to say and the family mediator will work hard to ensure that the discussion stays proactive. It is not an easy process for couples and does require the full commitment of both parties as well as the skills of the family mediator to make it work.

There are different types of mediation such as “shuttle mediation” where the mediator will see both parties individually and will then pass information between the two parties. There is also “co-mediation” where there are two mediators in attendance with the parties rather than one. It may also be appropriate in some cases for each parties’ lawyers to attend mediation with their clients to provide legal advice during the mediation session. Mediation is a very flexible tool and your mediator will suggest the method or methods that may work best for you.

Got A Ticket? A Traffic Lawyer Can Help

A good traffic lawyer can assist you with your case in court in several ways. Here is a sampling of reasons why it’s a good idea to engage a skilled traffic lawyer when you get a citation:

Traffic lawyers can find errors in the process of an officer writing a ticket or on the ticket itself. A well-trained traffic lawyer has eyes that can spot these errors in an instant. That might pay off for you in court. A quick look at your case and ticket can save you $250 or more as you go to court.

A traffic lawyer can also make the prosecuting attorney believe that you have a very strong case, which might lessen the fight on the prosecution side of the aisle. Traffic lawyers have all sorts of language and tactics that they can use to indicate that they have a strong case, which can result in the other side waving the white flag and having your case dismissed or reduced to minimum penalties.

An excellent traffic lawyer can move your violation into a category that has less serious ramifications for you. For instance, he/she can sometimes transform a speeding ticket into a non-moving violation, which will keep your insurance rates where they are at present. They also can lessen or strike DUI charges in certain instances, which will also keep your insurance payments stable.

Traffic attorneys have seen just about every case possible come across their desks, and they know instantly what steps need to be taken and what words need to be used to get you out of court with minimal damage to your record and your wallet. The larger your fine and the more serious your violation, the more reason you have to hire a traffic attorney. In this case, it really does pay to hire a professional.

An expert traffic lawyer often knows the other attorneys in traffic court, as well as the judges. S/he can interact with these people without you being present and keep some cases from ever entering the courtroom (saving you time and money) and separating different offenses so that only one will be heard before a judge. This happens frequently with DUI and speeding charges. A quality traffic attorney will keep those violations separate so that the damage to your record is not exponential, settling out of court on one or the other in many instances.

Traffic attorneys have an excellent read on your city’s roads. Because of their experience and many cases handled in the past, they are able to inform the judge of particular roads where the signage is not clear about a one-way direction, for instance. This can lead the judge to have mercy on you. You would not know that Jones Street, for example, has had hundreds of people flagged for speeding a few feet after the speed limit changes near a school. Your traffic attorney will know that, however, and s/he can persuade the judge to go easy on you due to the poor markers on the road that the city is waiting to correct. This kind of insider knowledge is not available to the average citizen. You will need that sort of help in court when your day comes.

If you decide to plead “not guilty” to a traffic charge, a helpful traffic attorney can make sure that your rights are respected throughout your hearing and case. Without a competent traffic lawyer by your side, you have no guarantee that you will be able to navigate the ins and outs of the legal system.

If you have multiple offenses over the past few years, you are especially advised to find a premier traffic attorney. Seemingly minor violations can turn major very quickly if you have accumulated multiple offenses of traffic law in recent years. That can have huge consequences, even leading to the loss of your license. The fees that you will pay a traffic lawyer will be well worth keeping your license. Traffic lawyers know that they can alter penalties to include defensive driving courses rather than license confiscation or repeated written exams rather than huge fines.