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Do you need a Will?

It has been recently reported that around 70% of the UK population do not have a Will and I imagine that a large proportion of these people are unaware of the trouble that can be caused as a result. Here are just a selection of issues that can arise if there is no Will in place upon a persons death:

Your estate will pass in accordance with the Administrations Act of 1925 which means that any of your potential beneficiaries may not receive what you had wished. Instead, the strict order contained within the Act determines the distribution of your estate. Large amounts of Inheritance Tax can be paid. An accurately drawn up Will can save you large amounts of money in tax. Wills can often be made as part of an Inheritance Tax planning exercise.

Many excuses are used to put off the process of making a Will including:

“Making a Will can be depressing”
“I’m not really worth anything so what’s the point?”

Neither of these are valid reasons to not make a Will. Ok, so writing your Will may not be the most exciting task however it will not bring forth mortality and it can take as little as 10 minutes. There are a range of Will writing websites online most of which offer a quick Will writing solution. Most people do have money or assets which will justify making a Will, for example a lot of people forget the value of their properties. So you should think again if you think that your “not really worth anything”.

How to make a Will

The cheapest and fastest solution to making your Will in Surrey nowadays is via the internet. There are a whole host of Surrey Will writing services online, such as Direct Wills Trusts Surrey and their website https://surrey.directwillstrusts.co.uk/. The Will process can take around 10 minutes and there are no expensive legal or solicitor fees incurred – just a simple solution emailed to you upon completion for you to sign.

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