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Do You Really Know Your Marketing

There are many businesses out there who have a rather large discrepancy between what they think their customers like about them and what their customers actually like. This can be a very important distinction, and you might even be able to go for quite awhile without knowing the answer and it won’t harm you, but eventually you’ll have to wise up.

The way this begins is that a company decides on what their marketing message is going to be. Let’s say they’re planning a duratrans printing campaign and they need to have a strong theme for those duratrans. Well, rather than actually research their customers to find out what the actual customers want, they just decide on a specific message that they want to push.

All of these duratrans are made pushing something like, let’s say, low prices. This is the central part of the advertisement the idea of lower prices. Now, along with this the duratrans also shows a variety of different products on it too. This isn’t the most important part of the duratrans, but it is there.

When these duratrans prints are put up people gravitate more to the list of products than the do the low prices that the duratrans is promoting. The variety is really what is making them come in and buy stuff, and the company might end up thinking that their marketing push was entirely successful because they are seeing sales increase.

Duratrans Printing

It all sounds well and good, but this isn’t going to last forever. Eventually that company will come up with a different duratrans printing push, and with this one they’ll maintain the low price angle, but lose the variety part of it without thinking. After all, they didn’t know this was working, so why not chop it off in favor of something else?

Suddenly those sales start to dry up, and the company is left scratching their heads at what they did wrong.

All of this is very possible and happens quite often. You might unknowingly maintain decent sales with a marketing push that doesn’t really work with your customers simply because some part of it is, but even then, you won’t be getting the sales you could’ve had you actually looked at what your customers were after.

The easy way to avoid this completely is to take the time to really look at what your customers are after. Do the research into your market to find out what it is that makes them want to give a company business. Learn how to get them excited about your store.

Once you know the real answers you can apply that information to future marketing campaigns without being afraid that they won?t work. Pushing your own message is never going to be quite as effective as finding out what your customers really want.

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