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Fighting The Fat Cat

Overfeeding is another dietary problem that may lead to serious health issues for your cat. A responsible cat owner should carefully monitor how much his or her pet consumes during and between mealtimes. Obesity is a major problem for the domestic cat.

The table leftovers and snacks you give your cat need to be closely watched or they could cause your cat to develop an addiction to begging for food at your dinner table. These snacks may also lead to obesity. Your cat may try begging for food when it sees you at the dinner table, but it is best not to act on the temptation to give your cat table handouts. Your feline may try everything from simple begging, to faking hunger in order to receive a handout, but as long as you provide them with a balanced diet they should not be given an excess amount of table treats.

Dry and semi-moist treats may also contribute to overfeeding. Most cats enjoy a snack, and small ones will not harm them, but do not become too fond of giving your feline in-between-meal treats. While it’s fun to give your cat treats, they can cause obesity or a refusal to eat anything else. Do not rely solely on food to show affection for your cat, since they will then rely on you to always provide them with a snack whenever they desire one.

Another problem that leads to overfeeding is “free choice” feeding, when food is available at all times. Your cat may consume excessive amounts. The cat accustomed to being fed “free choice” may become annoyed when the rules are changed and food is not always available. It’s probably best to avoid the issue altogether by a “meal feeding” schedule rather than leaving food down at all times.

Cats will also eat dog food. Aside from the danger of a confrontation between the two over food, dog food does not provide a balanced diet for your cat. Restrict your cat’s access to dog and other pet foods. There is this interesting article onĀ shared.com about the foods that a cat should not consume, so you should check it out too.

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