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Fun ways to use your bubble machine

Many have fond memories of playing with bubbles as a child. They likely couldn’t even imagine the fun of having a bubble machine that constantly blew them out to play with, chase after and pop. Today, bubble machines are all the rage, and they are used for various things including weddings, parties, and even stage performances. See what use a bubble machine can have, and consider picking one up! Whatever age, bubbles are always a blast.


Here come the bride and groom! It’s traditional to throw bird seed at the happy couple when they are exiting the site of the wedding, however many like to use bubbles! Great for the environment and fun for guests a bubble machine is a great option. There’s no need to worry about it damaging dresses or formal attire, as most solutions are made to be friendly to those materials.

The machine can then travel to the after party for fun on the dancefloor.

Dance Parties

Take a dance party to the next level with a bubble machine. Best for outdoors, DJ’s or party throwers become all the more popular when they add in bubbles. They can also work inside but be sure there is a carpeted area because the bubble solution can get slippery.

Regardless, dancing in bubbles couldn’t be more fun! Using special solutions, the bubbles can even be colored.

Birthday Parties

Be sure a child’s party is a hit when bubbles are added. While other activities can be included. Having a bubble machine going adds the excitement. Games and contests can be built around the bubble machine.

Using one’s creativity, even the theme of the party can include bubbles. Swim parties, mermaid parties and dance parties are some prime examples. Set up the machine near a photo booth and get fun pictures of guests wearing scuba gear and holding inflatable toys. It doesn’t get much more fun than that, and then they have a souvenir to remind them of the great time they had!

On Stage

If there’s a stage performance coming up, and it needs to be taken to the next level than a bubble machine is the perfect addition. Talent competitions, band performances, singing challenges, and theatrical performances can all benefit from bubbles.

Oddly, bubbles tend to grab people’s attention. In the audience, spectators will love having bubbles blow out and dance around them. Many performances can benefit from bubbles, if a school is putting on a play and there’s an underwater scene bubbles are simply perfect. Consider Odysseus, The Little Mermaid, or Finding Nemo among other water-related performances.


In a child’s area at a festival, kids will have fun dancing around in bubbles from a bubble machine and it can lead them to other crafts that are set up for their enjoyment, like bounce houses and the like. The parents will get a break, too!

On the flip side, if a vendor is trying to draw attention to their booth of goods at a festival, setting up bubbles can grab shoppers’ attention; especially if they have children!

Any Day!

A bubble blower machine is perfect for any day at all. Everyone can get out of the house, into the sunshine, and have a blast when bubbles are blowing. Imagine, no more children whining to come indoors to play video games or watch television.

With all that said, you can see how much fun you can have with the right bubble machine, and to get the right bubble machine for your needs, you can go to 10Outstanding.com website as they have reviewed the 10 Best Bubble Machines for your convenience. Children love running after catching and popping bubbles. It’s a timeless and classic game and creates a whimsical atmosphere any day, for any reason. Bubble machines are quite inexpensive and many are so glad they invested in them because it makes an ordinary day extraordinary.

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