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SEO Maintenance and Web Analytics

The best way to guarantee that your search engine optimization is effective is to measure the results. If you have Backlinked do ongoing maintenance of your search engine rankings they will implement Web Analytics to complement whatever traffic reports you already have so that you can find out exactly what your visitors are doing on your site.

Web Analytics

It is actually quite fun to “spy” on visitors and observe their behavior. You will feel a smug satisfaction when you recognize the people who arrive, go straight to your contact page, fail to submit your form and leave. These are the nice folks who are trying to harvest your email address so that they can put you on their spam list! You will learn what search terms are attracting the most “harvester” types and adjust your strategy accordingly!

Most importantly, you will recognize the behavior of the people who immediately or eventually become customers and learn which search terms attract those types.

You will learn which pages never get visited and which ones always do, and how long people spend at each page. This information will tell you where to focus your ongoing maintenance strategies. You will learn what works and what doesn’t.

Maintenance Services

The specific SEO maintenance services Backlinked SEO Agency recommends will be informed by the actual performance of your website and the ROI you are getting on specific keywords. In addition, they will use visitor behavior to learn which pages are keeping people’s interest and which are not. Our goal will be to constantly improve your website’s ability to bring in new customers and new business.

They will keep you regularly informed on your website’s performance and make recommendations of the ongoing improvements that they (or your internal staff) can undertake to make it more effective and profitable.

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