Weird But True Olympic Stories: Things You Might Not Have Known About the Olympics

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2012 will present to us another Olympics year and for avid supporters and Olympic fans, this is an energizing time. In the months to come, we will see competitors preparing constantly for their occasions and it’s an ideal opportunity to pull for your country and your number one members. In the soul of the Olympics, here are some unusual yet evident Olympic stories worth passing along. Visit :- เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด

Canada’s Lucky Loonie-In the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, the Canadian hockey groups were confronting a genuine test. The situation was anything but favorable for them yet as the games started, it appeared they had an additional piece of karma with them that day. Both the men and the ladies won their finals and it made one wonder “Where did their karma come from?” After the functions, the ice-production group (Canadians themselves) conceded that they had covered a one-dollar coin under focus ice. That coin presently locales in the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

A Walk-On Winner-What in the event that you could nonchalantly join the Olympic Games today? Do you think you’d get back with a bag loaded with awards? That is the thing that John Pius Boland of Ireland did in the main present day Olympic Games of 1896. He was a vagrant at age 12 and his new parents instructed him to play tennis. He and his mate had been playing casually and doing admirably when he concluded he would enter the Games. He won the singles title and the copies title. 

The Mystery Coxswain-In the 1900 Paris Olympics, the Dutch paddling group required a coxswain to contend. The Coxswain is a (ideally little) individual who sits toward the finish of a paddling boat and shouts “Column! Line! Line!” to set up a musicality with the rowers. The Dutch group pulled a little looking kid from the group and picked him as their coxswain. It was an exceptionally close race yet the Dutch won, incompletely because of the extraordinary shouting of the little kid. He postured for the triumph photograph and afterward he vanished. They were always unable to discover his name or age and he was gone forever. 

Muhammad Ali’s Missing Medal-The reality of what happened to Ali’s gold decoration from the 1960 Rome Olympics may never be known. The 18-year-old, at that point known by his original name Cassius Clay, won the gold award in enclosing what might start an acclaimed profession. In those days, be that as it may, he was not proclaimed a saint. Prejudice actually spun out of control in his old neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky and the first story said that he became so worn out on it, he tossed his gold award in the waterway. Jumpers looked for it yet is has never been recuperated. Ali later said that perhaps he lost the decoration. Despite what befell it, Olympic authorities gave him a substitution in a 1996 service.

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