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BSOP: Leonardo Duarte loses AA and withdraws from Main Event

BSOP: Léo Duarte finds the perfect position in AA,...

Step Team’s Leonardo Duarte, who goes by the nickname “leoduarte13” at the online tables and is a regular at live events across Brazil, was one of many players on day two of the BSOP Winter Millions Main Event. Look for the R$800,000 grand prize.

Leonardo fell from heaven to hell in seconds and exited the tournament in the worst possible way when his AA was caught by Ernesto Margolis in a wild Cooler beat, which is played until the river.

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The game was played with 1,500/3,000 blinds and Léo UTG had 6,500 in chips. The move put Ernesto into a hijack and he decided to three-bet to 17,500 chips. Everyone else folded and Duarte four-bet for 42,000. His opponent called.

The flop came and Léo c-bet for 22,000 chips. Ernesto had just called. The turn came the 1 and Duarte moved all-in for another 44,000. His opponent called again.

Then someone came to the table and Léo went all-in for 162,000 chips. To his dismay, Ernesto quickly called and showed what Duarte least wanted: He 3-bet the river to eliminate the Step Team grinder.

BSOP: Léo Duarte finds the perfect position in AA,...

Nacho Barbero Wins $4.1 Million at London Triton

Nacho Barbero Wins $4.1 Million at Triton SHR in L...

Nacho Barbero won his fourth cash prize in the London edition of the Triton Poker Super High Roller series yesterday, taking home $4,157,407 at the festival.

His final result was a total of 151 entries in the Main Event with a total prize pool of $125,000 and an $18,875,000 prize pool. Top 27 finishers receive money, including PabloBrito-Silva (No. 24), Rodrigo Seiji (No. 23), Bryn Kenney (No. 21). ), Dan Smith (No. 20), Eric Seidel (No. 19), Espen Jostad (No. 16), PaulPhua (13th), Nick Schulman (11th) and Seth Davies (10th).

Nacho was eliminated in 14th place for $282,000. With this achievement, he increased his live tournament earnings to $14,222,134 and became the first Hispanic player to surpass $14 million. He ranks 72nd on the all-time money list.

Words cannot describe the last few days playing @tritonpoker I have done my best! 😎

Just keep showing, keep polishing! LFG!!!🔥#YearofNacho #Apelarlos #Poker #ACR #triton

— Jose Ignacio Barbero (@nacho_barbero) August 3, 2023

These are Jose Ignacio’s other bonuses at the London Triton:

There are five more events to go as part of the festival before Jose Ignacio heads to Barcelona for the European Championships in poker journey of. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his performance in Spain as he aims to rack up more points to maintain his top spot in the GPI Player of the Year rankings. Currently, Nacho is number one, but he is followed by Bin Weng, who is doing well with 4 titles in 2023.

Nacho Barbero Wins $4.1 Million at Triton SHR in L...

Bryn Kenney Wins Exclusive Luxon Invitational Championship, Earns $6.8M

Bryn Kenney Wins Exclusive Luxon Invitational Cham...

After three days of intense competition, Bryn Kenney came to an exciting end as the undisputed winner of the Triton Poker NLH $250K Luxon Invitational in London. Not only did Kenny take home the coveted trophy, he also took home the title and an impressive first-place prize of $6,860,000. The win puts him back on top of the all-time live poker money list.

Nacho Barbero of Argentina also competed but was eliminated in 39th place.

This tournament brings together some of the biggest names in poker, including successful entrepreneurs and career grinders. The competition had 118 entrants and resulted in a staggering $29,500,000 in prize money.

The closing stages of the match turned into an epic showdown between Kenney and Talal Shakerchi, who proved to be a worthy opponent. However, Kenney won the one-on-one match and Shakerchi finished second with a prize pool of $4,650,000.

The race was filled with emotions and memorable moments, starting with the surprise exits of celebrities such as Phil Ivey and Espen Jorstad on the second day, while The tenacity of players such as Jason Koon allowed the tournament to advance despite only one big blind.

Bryn Kenney, who already has an impressive record at the poker tables, added another milestone to his career by winning this prestigious title. The victory brought his total winnings to an incredible $64,829,392, putting him at the top of the all-time money list.

After accepting the trophy and championship, Kenny expressed his surprise and gratitude: “It was so surreal, it was unbelievable. I still don’t know where I really am. But at the end of the game I’m in a great position to stand here.” Despite the controversy surrounding his name earlier, Kenny once again showed his skill and dedication to the game he loves.

Game 9 – NLH Luxon InvitationalEntries: 118 (including 27 re-entries)Prize Pool: $29,500,000

1. Location: Bryn Kenny – $6,860,000Second Place: Talal Shakerchi – $4,650,0003rd Place: -vt- Punnat Punsri – $3,107,000Fourth Place: Aleks Ponakovs – $2,540,000Fifth Place: Chris Moneymaker – $2,030,0006th Place: Robert Frink – $1,582,000Seventh Place: Nick Petrangelo – $1,170,000Eighth place: Kayhan Mokri – $860,0009th Place: James Chen – $680,000

ITM Latino

21st Place 2nd – Pedro Garagnani – $342,000Full prize money

Bryn Kenney Wins Exclusive Luxon Invitational Cham...

WSOP: Daniel Weinmann Beats JJ and ME Twice

Daniel Weinmann Wins Three All-Ins Of A Lifetime W...

In order to stand out from the 10,043 entrants in the WSOP Main Event, despite your skill, you must master the deck. Bracelet pro Daniel Weinmann scored perhaps the most important loss of his career on Friday (14th) on Day 8, with the final table just around the corner.

The wild stop happened at 400,000/800,000 blinds and started with a raise from Joshua Payne, a player who led by seven chips for most of the day with 1,600,000. Jose Aguilera three-bet to 4,500,000 on the button, with Weinman in the small blind calling the shots. He decides to 4-bet all-in for 28,700,000 in chips.

Pe En was 18,000,000 behind and needed only a short show before declaring the call. Undeterred by the all-in move, Aguilera called with more chips than any of his opponents. The frenzied stop sparked jubilation from the fans, with all the players on their feet to watch. The flop came and didn’t bring any news to the story.

Only the god of the deck decided to give Daniel a little help on the turn, which made him unbelievable. Payne was naturally distraught, and so was Aguilera. The river card ends the board with . Weinmann won the pot, Payne was busted (14th – $430,200), and Aguilera took home the big bucks.

Daniel Weinmann Wins Three All-Ins Of A Lifetime W...

WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 features 21 new Spaniards

WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 f...

The guesswork, guesswork and organizational caution is over.

The World Series of Poker Main Event has surpassed the size of the 2006 tournament. Now we just have to wait until the registration closes on Saturday night to know the final number of participants and the distribution of prizes.

17-year-old The’s wait is over – we set a new attendance record for the World Series of Poker Main Event!

Registration has reached 8,830 and counting and registration is open until 4:40pm. Saturday broke the previous Main Event record of 8,773.

Thank you to all the players, dealers, staff and…

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 6, 2023 Day

That wasn’t the only milestone of the day, as during the shuffling and dealing of the cards, Chris Moneymaker

Before we list the results of the Spanish players on Day 1, let’s start with what they achieved at the table. No matter what happens on the turn and river from now on, the world champion is already at home.

🇪🇦world champion! ! ! !

– Álex Hernando (@hernando_alex) July 7, 2023

Felt the day was once again very good for our interest. From the moment Jorge Ufano doubled up on the second hand, it’s clear that our players today are not ready for the odds and the stats that at least 25% of the players on the field must do Nor was fired in the top five levels.

The tables I got were not at all good for a typical first day in this tournament. But in the second hand I played, I won straight three jacks with QcTc in 2d8c9sJd3s, from the original 60,000 to 140,000. I don’t dream of starting this way.

— Jorge Ufano (@JorgeUfano) July 6, 2023

In fact, in 24 possible victims, there are only four unfortunate victims: Javier Tsunami, Raul Martinez, Joaquin Olmedo and Ramon Fernandez.

However, as far as flights go, this day 1D wasn’t the best day of stacks out of the previous four flights, especially due to poor chip distribution.

There are some notable chips like Jorge, who ended up with​​188,000 points, José Ignacio Aguilera > (179,000), or René Lázaro, who led the Expedition as a whole in the early rounds, lost his entire stack on the final leg after four days of play to finish with 181,400 points.

One player even made it into the second pile as the Reds surpassed 200,000 points.

This is Sergio Aido, who started the day, sitting on the left side of the tsunami, and although he is not the executioner, has direct influence on his elimination Influence. The fallen chips are now in the hands of the day’s top Spaniard, who still owes the main event a live ITM – which he once cashed in one of the online editions. He can use his own 204,000 points to transfer to the bonus.

On the other hand, when the number of chips counted is lower than the original 60,000 points, the number of chips is not less than 8 points. Always in the absence of a formal report, the report will be released around noon.

  • 58°. Sergio Eido 204,000 (255bb)
  • 77. Jorge Ufano 188.200 (235bb)
  • 97°. Rene Lazaro 181,400 (227bb)
  • 104. Jose Ignacio Aguilera 179,000 (224bb)
  • 271. Alejandro Perez 14​​1,600 (177bb)
  • 1,100°. Juan Manuel Pastor 88,000 (110bb)
  • 1.136°. Lucia Navarro 86,500 (108bb)
  • 1,258°. Roberto Rodriguez 81,400 (102bb)
  • 1.370°. Victor Pope 77,400 (93bb)
  • 1.478°. Ana Marquez 73,700 (92bb)
  • 1.483°. 73,300 (92bb) by Leo Marget
  • 1.527°. Javier Tasson 71,800 (90bb)
  • 1.876°. Ruben Cortez 60,500 (75bb)
  • 2.071°. Pedro Ingalls 54,800 (69bb)
  • 2,082°. Fernando García 54,600 (68bb)
  • 2.196°. Sergi Fernandez 50,800 (64bb)
  • 2.246°. Juan Vilundas 49,000 (61bb)
  • 2,628°. Juan Guardiola 36,200 (45bb)
  • 2,730°. Javier Ettayo 32,400 (41bb)
  • 2.732°. David Rivas 32,300 (40bb)
  • 2.878°. Dani Triana 25,600 (32bb)

Nicholas Rigby is the chip leader and the only player to score over 400,000 in the entire tournament, having already 56th in 2021 ME and leaves that position

Not far behind him is Chris Hunichen “BigHuni”, the new qualifier top 5 most respected player. This is a little surprising. Chance Kornuth, also one of the big stacks of the day, has 241,000 points.

If you want journalists to give you more attention, then you have to be part of the circus. Phil Ivey did it himself (78,900).

Dan Cates and Phil Hellmuth did exactly that the first time they played the Main Event together.

🦁 Quel cirque @phil_hellmuth

— Winamax Poker 🔞 (@Winamax) July 7, 2023

It had an immediate effect and Phil, dressed as Zahmer, nearly fell over the TV table as he continued watching the show. He scored 105,800 points when he passed his hat to ask about the will.

Poor Daniel Cates was sent off for helping the team. Locked in a cage that clearly could have been looser and more comfortable, he took makeup lessons that undoubtedly must have been a chore, and ended up being eliminated before the dinner break.

Which events start today, July 7th?

  • Event #76: $10,000 Main Event NLHE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DAY 2ABC
  • Event #77: $777 LUCKY SEVENS Day 1A

WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 f...

The second Godzilla 60K

The second Godzilla 60K

We witnessed a major tournament at the Buenos Aires Casino where Gonzalo Araujo became the winner of the Second Chance 60K , and won a huge win of $1,701,168 in prize money.

On the podium were Gastón “Tatu” Brandán (photo) in second and Hugo Lusardi in third.

The bubble of this issue is Fabián Somoza, who won the 16th place.

Second Chance 60K – Cash Sheet:

1. Gonzalo Araujo – $1,701,168 2. Gaston Brandan – $1,037,434 3. Hugo Lusardi – $683,256 4. Gustavo Bisiach – $482,462 5. Sebastian Andres – $359,755 6. Leonardo Giuffrida – $278,880 7. Sebastian Cardella – $21 1,949 8 Can delaria Cortes – $150,595 9 Leandro Zambade – $111,552 10 Ariel Gustavo Marcovecchio – $103,186 11 Damián Platón – $94,819 12 Maciel Rodriguez – $94,819 13 Claudio Fabián Botti – 89 242$14 Fernando Althaparro – $89,242 15. Alberto Dodero – $89,24 2

Thank you for your patronage and looking forward to See you next time.

The second Godzilla 60K

Felipe Olivieri Finishes Fifth in PokerNews Cup 2023

Felipe Olivieri Finishes Fifth in PokerNews Cup 20...

Argentinian Felipe Olivieri failed to capitalize on his chip advantage and finished fifth in the 2023 PokerNews Cup at the Nugget Casino in Las Vegas after losing several key hands.

The tournament attracted 2,307 entrants valued at $1,100 and awarded $2.6 million in prize money to the top 292 entrants. In this article, you can see the 7⃣ Argentine players who managed to break the bank at the final table.

Things were not going well for Felipe, who doubled down on short-stacked opponents in the first few hands and lost his stack. With only five players remaining, he bet all in preflop with Q-Q and was called by Englishman JohnnyKelly with A-J for a straight on a 2-5-3-4-7 board.

Fifth place was his first Las Vegas cash and his second-best finish: $56,065. His biggest win came at the inaugural PokerStars Players Championship 25K in 2019, when he finished 43rd for $69,100. He has earned $156,283 in his career.

Felipe Olivieri Finishes Fifth in PokerNews Cup 20...

Is La Bestia tamed in the American chess room

Is La Bestia tamed in the American chess room

This is not just a promotion, just like a friend lends you money, you don’t have to pay it back. The Beast of Americas Cardroom is nothing more than a way to reward users for playing the game. You don’t need to register or have special tickets to play this week’s game. The only thing you have to do is play. Really? Yes, that’s all…

It doesn’t matter if it’s live table trading , tournaments, sit-and-go or anyway by playing the tables in the room, you’ve collected points that count towards the weekly table. Cash prizes will be awarded to top ranked players. It’s that simple.

From Saturday 00:00 ET* to Friday 23:59 ET*, all users can win table units when they play their favorite games.

The payout structure for cash races is based on the size of the prize pool. As the prize pool grows, so will the paid slots.

The Beast has four payment tiers:

  • Tier 1: $500
  • Tier 2: $250
  • Tier 3: $125
  • Tier 3: $125
  • Level 4: $50

For every $3,500 in The Beast cash prize pool, the prize pool will add:

  • 1 of 1
  • 2 of 2
  • 3 5 of
  • Starting at level 4, twenty
  • Fill $875 in the next game….

Remaining Funding (in multiples of $3,500) as a beast growth rate applies to top positions 2, 3 and 4 while maintaining their respective caps.

The Beast and the weekly tournament

The Beast are all about rewarding more poker players. As such, the weekly tournament also includes a separate section awarding seats to satellites to major events such as the WSOP Main Event, Million Dollar Sunday, Venom and others. As the prize pool grows, more seats will be awarded to more players at the end of each week’s tournament.

Contest winners will be automatically registered for satellite tournaments on the two Sundays following the end of each week’s competition.

Is La Bestia tamed in the American chess room

Vuilleumier Wins WSOP’s First Millionaire Award

Vuilleumier Wins WSOP's First Millionaire Award

In a tournament involving some of the biggest names in poker, a player quickly became one of the winners. Alexandre Vuilleumier has only been playing for just over a year, and he beat 207 of the toughest opponents on the circuit to win his first event in Event #2 $25,000 High Roller 6-Max No-Limit Hold’em World Series bracelet and first seven-figure prize at the 2023 WSOP, $1,215,864.

Chance Konus was unable to bring home his fourth bracelet.

“Of course, the World Series is fantastic,” said the newly crowned champion after beating pro Chance Kornuth in the final. “Without a doubt, winning a bracelet is the epitome of a poker career.”

Vuilleumier started the WSOP on a positive note. In November, he finished third at the EPT London, his best result to date. He won the $10,150 event in the Bahamas in February and is now the last entrant in one of the most talented tournaments on the poker calendar.

The past seven months have seen Vuilleumier establish himself as one of the breakout players on the scene, even if he doesn’t think it’s right. “I’m not going to say it with arrogance, but for me it was definitely a professional year. I’m very happy with what happened,” he said. “I’m not one of the best players. Like chess, you have to be here for many years. I’m really growing and looking forward to being a part of these tournaments. I’m starting from 1 in 2022 I’m going to start competing in March, so of course I’m not going to make any bold judgments.”

Chess is another game with which Vuilleumier is very familiar. He is an International Master with an ELO rating of 2,400. His chess experience stretching back more than two decades has helped prepare him for the demanding responsibilities of a professional poker player. “There are many similarities. One of the best skills learned in chess is the ability to concentrate for a long time. So, I think after 9 hours of concentration, my ability to maintain At 90 percent, and someone else might be at 60 percent, so it’s absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“And they, too, are hindsight. We’re able to think abstractly in the air like chess, and reconstruct the game. In poker, it’s important to start with What did the poker do, and what does that mean? These mental exercises are of course very similar to what happens in chess.”

VIDEO | Vuilleumier’s Last Hand

Alexandre Veilleumier (@elcancherito22) halts @ChancesCards quest for 4th bracelet at @WSOP Event #2: $25,000 High Roller 6 Won the championship in the human system.

Veilleumier will receive $1,215,864 if he wins.

📺 – Watch the full replay of the event here:

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 2023 2 days

Event #2 High Roller 6 Hands No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-In: $25,000Stakes: 207Pot: US$4,864,500

Final Table

1. Alexandre Vuilleumier – $1,215,864 2nd Chance Kornuth – $751,463 3rd Sean Winter – $518,106 4th Axel Hallay – $363,326 5 Ren Lin – $259,220 6th Joey Weissman – $188,219 US$

*Collection complete.

Vuilleumier Wins WSOP's First Millionaire Award

June is here, the month of Zortea Premium Casino and its $300,000 GTD!

June is here, the month of Zortea Premium Casino a...

After a brief hiatus and an incredible run in Panama, the Poker Adventure Tour (PGAT) is returning to Coffee Country, where it Coffee country has had a successful past, and now the new casino brings surprises.

Zortea Premium Casino will open in Medellin and is ready to celebrate this opening festival with a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000.

here This event will run from Thursday 15th to Wednesday 21st with a buy-in of $500 instead, awarding 35,000 starting points and the same Repurchase option for the amount. As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be cash tables for all bankroll levels, with blinds ranging from $1/$3 to $25/$50. p >

The casino is poised to become the poker capital of Latin America. Behind it is a team of players, directors and industry entrepreneurs such as Jhon Barrera, Justin Crespo and Mauricio Salazar. All the tourist attractions, hotel capacity, security and gastronomy of the city of Medellin fit. In addition, the tour created fond memories in these countries, as last year they managed to host the most well-attended festival in the country’s history in Bogota.

For more information, please visit Zortea Premium Casino Social Network and its website, which is coming soon.

June is here, the month of Zortea Premium Casino a...