BSOP: Leonardo Duarte loses AA and withdraws from Main Event

BSOP: Léo Duarte finds the perfect position in AA,...

Step Team’s Leonardo Duarte, who goes by the nickname “leoduarte13” at the online tables and is a regular at live events across Brazil, was one of many players on day two of the BSOP Winter Millions Main Event. Look for the R$800,000 grand prize.

Leonardo fell from heaven to hell in seconds and exited the tournament in the worst possible way when his AA was caught by Ernesto Margolis in a wild Cooler beat, which is played until the river.

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The game was played with 1,500/3,000 blinds and Léo UTG had 6,500 in chips. The move put Ernesto into a hijack and he decided to three-bet to 17,500 chips. Everyone else folded and Duarte four-bet for 42,000. His opponent called.

The flop came and Léo c-bet for 22,000 chips. Ernesto had just called. The turn came the 1 and Duarte moved all-in for another 44,000. His opponent called again.

Then someone came to the table and Léo went all-in for 162,000 chips. To his dismay, Ernesto quickly called and showed what Duarte least wanted: He 3-bet the river to eliminate the Step Team grinder.

BSOP: Léo Duarte finds the perfect position in AA,...


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    This text describes a poker player named Leonardo Duarte who suffered a disappointing loss in a tournament. Despite having a strong hand, his opponent made a better move and eliminated Leonardo from the game, leaving him disappointed.

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