Carrasco High Roller Begins with Satellite

Carrasco High Roller Begins with Satellite

In line with the 2023 sacred season, the Carrasco High Roller will conclude on Thursday. But in fact, the competition starts today at the luxuriousCasino Carrasco in Montevideo, the three satellites of this LLFB Eventos tournament The first satellite in is a guaranteed $150,000 prize, insured by CodigoPoker.

The final Carrasco High Roller of the year, considered one of the most attractive and interesting poker tournaments in South America, takes place from Thursday to Sunday Six takes place, with a buy-in of $2,000 and promises plenty of play against the best players in the area over three days, including Second and Second Finally Opportunities.

There will also be a special edition to celebrate the anniversary of LLFB and the birthday of Luis Losada, the alma mater of this great event.

Birthday boy Luis Losada (left) takes charge of the Carrasco High Roller with Fernando Bianchi.

The Carrasco High Roller begins Thursday at 3:00 p.m. with a 40-minute tournament open to players with buy-ins of $2,000 A round starts with 100,000 chips.

It then resumes again at 3:00 on Friday, with the last day on Saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, on the final day of competition, the fee to re-enter is $1,000, with registration up to level 20.

On the other hand, Second Chance will be held starting Friday at 8:00 pm with a $300 registration fee, while Last Chance will Held on Saturday at 7:00 pm, registration fee is $500. At Casino Carrasco, no one is left out at the gaming table.

The Carrasco Super High Roller Satellite starts today!

For those who don’t have the $2,000 buy-in or just want to add more value to this $200,000 guaranteed tournament, this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (all three days at 8:00 PM) There are three $100 satellites, each with a $2,000 guaranteed buy-in.

Carrasco High Roller Begins with Satellite

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  • This text is promoting the Carrasco High Roller poker tournament taking place in Montevideo. It provides details about the event, including the buy-in, dates, and special editions. It also mentions additional satellite tournaments for those who want to participate but may not have the full buy-in amount.

  • This text provides information about the upcoming Carrasco High Roller poker tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay. It mentions the schedule, buy-ins, guaranteed prizes, and special editions of the event, catering to different types of players and budgets. Overall, it seems like a prestigious and exciting tournament for poker enthusiasts in the South American region.

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