Dan Cates has been eliminated from The Players of Poker Tournament

Dan Cates Fails to Defend Poker Players Championsh...

The five-day, $50,000 Poker Players Tournament continues at the WSOP. Many players call it the second most prestigious event after the Main Event, and some poker players rank it as the number one.

Daniel Cates won the championship two years in a row. Remarkably, it was these events that earned “Jungleman” two WSOP bracelets during his long career.

In 2023, Dan returns to defend his title. As is customary, he showed up at the competition with a new look – this time opting for the Terminator T-800 from Cameron’s Oscar-winning series. Dan even recorded a video the night before the launch, saying “I’ll be back” and showing up at the event in not just costume but colorful makeup.

The Poker Dice Players Championship had 96 entries for the prestigious title, with a prize pool of $4,727,250. The ITM division was divided into 15 spots, with the winner taking home more than $1.3 million in prize money.

He didn’t make it the third time, however – Kate left the event the next day, but even he did a great job. In the last game, he played the theme song of “Terminator 2” on his mobile phone, lost all his chips, left the competition area, and said “I will come back”.

The remaining 32 players for this match include Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmus, Dan Smith and Stephen Chidwick. Among our players, there are very few fans of expensive Max games. The only Russian-speaking poker player at the Poker Players Tournament table was Dmitry Urbanovich. With a good stack, he continued to fight for his bracelet.

Meanwhile, the WSOP is approaching the equator well. Interesting tournaments are coming, such as live versions of Colossus, Flip & Head to the main event, whose first day begins in two weeks.

Dan Cates Fails to Defend Poker Players Championsh...

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  • The text provides information about the ongoing Poker Players Tournament at the WSOP, specifically highlighting the popularity and prestige of the event. It also mentions the two-time champion Daniel Cates and his return to defend his title with a new look. Additionally, it mentions the upcoming tournaments at the WSOP, including the live versions of Colossus and Flip & Head.

  • This text provides information about the Poker Players Tournament at WSOP, highlighting its prestige and the participation of notable players like Daniel Cates. It also mentions the prize pool, the participation of other famous players, and upcoming interesting tournaments at WSOP.

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