Forgotten Champions: WSOP Comes to Life in Main Event

Forgotten Champions: WSOP Comes to Life in Main Ev...

Main Event

Juan Maceiras and the Main Event take up 100% of our WSOP slots on the cover of Poker10, but as of last weekend, Day 3 of the World Series of Poker has Events are resumed to accommodate all players who fell behind in the main event.

In order not to obscure the history of the final table and not make the champion library incomplete, we have created During the festival compilation, you can see all the information about the table where the champion no longer pays $12 million .

Gallery of Champions

Event #77: $777 Lucky 7’s

Shawn Daniels – $777,777 (7,300 Players)

WSOP Choose one of the themed events to continue the side events of the festival’s main event. Entries again outstripped previous events, with an emotional Shawn Daniels carrying a burden few knew about throughout the event: “I lost my fiancé recently, so it’s been a tough summer .Hope poker is like that.” Helped him accept that for a while.

Event #78: $1,500 PLO Prize

Thomas Skaggs – $171,742 (1,214 players)

This is a gentleman with a clear mind. He has not missed such an event in three years. He’ll be skipping the main event, so it doesn’t overlap with this one. This year he said he would win a circuit ring or a WSOP bracelet. Well, he won two tournaments, and it was in PLO, which is his form of playing cash games. What a boss.

Event #79: $2,500 NLHE

Samuel Bernabeu – $682,436 (2,068 players)

This game has not and will not be forgotten. In versions of great moments like the Marcellas final table or the $25,000 PLO Spanish doubles final table where Samuel won the bracelet and Ramon Fernandez finished seventh was the best we’ve seen this summer one of the moments. Follow this link to see Samu’s highlights.

Event #80: $25,000 H.O.R.S.E.

Josh Arieh – $711,313 (112 players)

As we mentioned in one of our Main Event notes, Josh Arieh’s Mixed Games High Roller win marked his second double in three years due to its importance. His first WSOP cash was left over from the last century, as was his first bracelet. His second appearance is in 005, followed by a long silence. Arieh has been a constant on television and always next to the big stars of the day, Negreanu, Hansen, Brunson and more. Something happened to him during the pandemic, and he’s now one of the biggest bracelet hunters in Las Vegas.

Event #81: $600 Ultra Stack

Joseph Roh – $401,250 (7,207 players).

The event was the first of its kind at the WSOP and was a huge success. Its title also topped the charts for the first time. Although he has proven to be a very busy man, juggling his schedule with family in California and business in Texas, he took the time this summer to win in a Special Invitational Bracelets and prizes that earned $500,000 came from MGM’s official follow-up mention. “This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time,” Roh said, breaking the cliché. Who doesn’t?

Event #82: $3,000 6-Max PLO

Matthew Parry – $480,122 (1,013 players).

As a cash game player, Parry has been fighting for his bracelet all summer. He had previously finished third in a previous PLO tournament, and four of his five cashes that year came in four-card tournaments. “I think you see less variety in tournament play. Reraises are much less frequent than cash, and it can get you better in those areas. I come here with the big bet in mind “Having put time and effort into the game, it’s great to get one game after not doing well in the other two games. ”

Event #83: $1,500 Short Deck

Thai Ha – $111,170 (363 Players)

It’s nice to be at a big festival like the WSOP, with the details of building a tournament in your own style.Vietnamese Thai Ha already has two second-place finishes on his festival resume, both from short deck tournaments, in the Summer Classics program A brand new entry. As far as the pot at the source is concerned, it must break within a year. “It feels good not to finish second. I think short deck is my best format. “Dude. Impressive…but they seem to be programming you!

Event #84: $50,000 High Roller

Alex Kulev – $2,087 .073 (176 players).

The last NLHE High Roller on the agenda seems a bit out of place at this stage of the WSOP. Its timing coincides with a major A $10,000 WPT tournament with nearly $1,000.600 entrants, a lot of interesting names in HR but ultimately proving to be far more successful than Joao Vieira’s victory in 2022 and crowning a new face of the world poker elite, another A rising star, continuing the tradition of winning the WSOP.”Winning a bracelet has always been a dream of mine and playing against these types of opponents in this event is everything I want and more.

Event #85: $1,500 SHOOTOUT.

Faraz Jaka – $237,367 (987 players).

For such a recognizable face, and with so many years on the circuit, it must be said that Faraz Jaka’s record doesn’t speak for his poker achievements. “I’m so focused So much so that I feel like I’m in a decompression chamber right now. Not only at the WSOP, but also at the WPT, I’ve finished second or third multiple times, and it’s a weight that I’m happy to take off my shoulders, like I’ve shaken off the curse that’s holding me back. From now on, do my best.”

Nine champions have been profiled in the gallery, with 12 more to complete the program’s 95 events (not counting the main event) and will appear on the front page for the remaining two days of the festival.

Forgotten Champions: WSOP Comes to Life in Main Ev...


  • This text provides a summary of various events and winners at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) festival. It highlights the diversity of players and their accomplishments throughout the tournament, showcasing their skills and personal stories.

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