“GTO DONK” Finishes in 4th Place on GGMillion$ and Wins $120,000

Back to the GGMillion$ tiebreaker, “GTO DONK” was just a few eliminations away from being included in the Multi-Champion Picks group. He was the favorite to double up on a pre-flop all-in this afternoon, but a bad blow ended his four-handed play. Overall, the mystery player earned $120,063

The FT couldn’t have gotten off to a better start for GTO DONK. As the chip owner, he spotted the J♥J and got involved in a pre-flop all-in against Vicente Delgado. The Spaniard dominated with A♥10♦ but could not be saved by the superior J♠4♥Q♦3♣3♦.

Shortly after, “GTO DONK” doubled his opponent’s chips. second player. High. His lead widened further after he sent another opponent home. In a 6♥6♣ vs. Q♠9♠ flip, the Brazilian wasn’t surprised by the Q♥2♦9♠6♦2♠ advantage and saw Leon Sturm eliminated in the title fight.

With almost half of the chips remaining in the seven-man stage, “GTO DONK” met A♥A♣ of “Lucky Ming”. With 10 10 ♣, he has no chance at all on the J♥5♣3 ♦K♥J board.

Andrii Novak also managed to double up against CL. In another preflop all-in, he bet 10♣10♦ against the Brazilian’s A♣4♣. 8♠6♠9♥9♦5♦ The board confirmed the Ukrainian’s victory and he was given a reprieve.

“GTO DONK” tried to fight back, but in the first hand of seven players, he was given a suspended sentence. Lost another big pot and relinquished the lead for the first time. In a blind war, Grinder made an open all-in and was called by Nikita Kuznetsov with AQ♥. With K♠10♠, “GTO DONK” had more outs on the 6♥8♦7♣ flop and 5° turn, but the A♥ river kept the Russian at GGMillion$.

In free fall, “GTO DONK” began to distance himself from the leader until he was reduced to the shortest stack at the table. After receiving two valuable raises, he crashed and was eliminated in fourth place. When the game started, the little “Magician Donald Duck” went all out. “GTO DONK” then defended the big hand and called with his last 12 BBS. With K♠3♠ against 10♥10♣, “MagicDonald” hit the board with Q♥2♠K♣7♥9♥ and quickly took the lead.

The next hand, Novak was thrown on the river and doubled his stack. With 7♠7♦ against Lucky Ming’s A♥10♣, he won a full house on a board of 8♣9♣7♣5♣9♥.

Novak knocked out his last opponent with one throw for an unprecedented title. On the final hand, he opened on the button and called “MagicDonald” a 3-bet all-in. With A♥7♥ against A♠4♥, the European was victorious on A♣8CheckQ 3♠7♠.

Final result

1. Andrii Novak (Ukraine) $252,073

2. “MagicDonald” (Cyprus) $196,859

3. “Lucky Ming” (China) $153,738.

4. “GTO DONK” (Brazil) $120,063

5. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $93,764

6. Nikita Kuznetsov (Russia) $73,226

7. Chris Klodnicki (USA) $57,186

8. Leon Sturm (Germany) $44,660

9. Vicente Delgado (Spain) $34,877

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