KSOP: Francisco Vazquez folds AKs after Leandro Prinz 4bets

KSOP GGPoker: Francisco Vazquez spends time bettin...

KSOP GGPoker Iguaçu Main Event Final Table The event is fast approaching and some very important names are still looking for the biggest glory. Achieving this feat requires intense concentration and knowing how to use every seat to build chips.

At the televised table, players compete for a seat in the tournament tiebreaker. An interesting hand has been dealt. One of those matches was between Brazilian Leandro Prinz and Argentine Francisco Vazquez.

The match ended pre-flop but with a strong hand the Argentine c-raised. The Argentine didn’t want to jeopardize his game and made a controversial fold at halftime. The blinds for this move are 16,000 / 32,000.

Lucas Scariot has 67,000 in chips from UTG+2. Francisco woke up at the cutoff and three-bet 207,000. Play continued and Brazilian Leandro Prinz was in the small blind and was “tough” at the table.

He wakes up and decides to 4-bet with 600,000 in chips. Lucas, who opened first, folded immediately, and Vazquez wasted a lot of time. It didn’t take long for the Argentine to fold and move on to his comfortable 1.3 million stack.

KSOP GGPoker: Francisco Vazquez spends time bettin...

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  • The text seems to be discussing a poker tournament where some well-known players are competing. It describes a particular hand played between Brazilian Leandro Prinz and Argentine Francisco Vazquez, highlighting the Argentine’s controversial fold despite having a strong hand.

  • Based on the text, it seems like the Argentine player made a brave fold with a strong hand during the poker tournament, potentially saving himself from a risky situation. However, it is unclear why he wasted a lot of time before folding.

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