KSOP Iguazú: Crazy hand ended with false bluff and three-way fold

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Vinicius Smaniotto 3-way fold...

KSOP GGPoker main event last stop Higua SU Mobile Downtown Hall. Being so close to the final table has added to the excitement and every pot counts for the players. There are some great games to watch in those moments, and one of the best of the period so far just happened on MundoTV.

The match was crazy and there was even a QQ fold by Brazilian Vinicius Smaniotto, who produced triplets. With 16 players remaining, second-placed Colombian Sebastian Fonseca wasn’t afraid to bluff massively in three-way pots. But the big difference is that this action is both right and wrong at the same time.

That was because the intensity of the play made Smanito fold, but the bluff did not get through to another table player, the Argentinian Francisco. Vazquez won the pot in a hand that will be the talk of the game for a long time to come. It all happened in the penultimate hand before the break with the blinds at 16,000/32,000.

Vinicius Smaniotto showed up and raised to 85,000 from the middle of the table. Colombia’s Sebastian Fonseca from the small blind called and Argentina’s Francisco Vazquez called with KsJh. The flop saw the Brazilian c-bet for 125,000 and broke. In this action, he was called by both players, so the turn reads .

At this point, Smagnoto prefers to play after the opponent folds. Then the river came with . On third pair, Sebastian checked. With two pair, Vazquez bet 125,000 and Vinicius Smaniotto decided to call with just three.

That’s when Sebastian Fonseca decided to take his chances and sent a check-raise for 880,000 in an attempt to win the pot on the armrest. The game became more difficult when Vazquez announced the decision and left the final decision to the Brazilian. Despite being penniless, Vinicius Smagnoto saluted his opponent and chose to fold.

At the showdown, he saw the wrong decision. Sebastian showed the pair and it turned into a bluff as Francisco Vazquez stole the pot with 2.5 million in chips and became the tournament juggernaut. Are you willing to accept this QQ? The main event is still underway and MundoTV will be streaming all the emotions. Let’s see!

KSOP GGPoker Iguazú: Vinicius Smaniotto 3-way fold...

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  • The text describes a poker tournament where a player makes a big bluff that ultimately fails, resulting in another player winning the pot. The intensity of the play and the decision to fold with triplets creates excitement and discussion among spectators.

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    This text seems to be discussing a specific poker event with intense gameplay and a notable bluff. It highlights the actions and decisions of the players involved, ultimately leading to a significant pot being won by Francisco Vazquez. The writer suggests that this hand will be talked about for a while.

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