KSOP: Renato Puertas survives Main Event with straight defeat

KSOP GGPoker: Renato Puertas has cashed in as he s...

The main event starts today on the afternoon of the third day, MundoTV has begun live coverage of the final leg of the biggest event on the KSOP GGPoker Iguaçu stage. The first prize is R$300,000 Real and 32 players will return to the championship sequence, one of them being Renato Puertas, who was the protagonist of the final round on Day 2, thus securing his place for the day.

The Sao Paulo man came to Argentina to take advantage of the overall structure of the series and has already guaranteed a good return in the main game at this stage. Puertas played the decisive hand with blinds of 6,000/12,000 in a Brazilian duel with Gilmar Rocha. It was a flip, but one that ended in an unlikely fashion.

Renato Puertas With 78,000 in chips and in the small blind, he called an all-in from Gilmar, who had 110,000 in chips and moved all-in from the top of the table. At the showdown, the Sao Paulo native won and Rocha won. Renato was in danger during the game, even standing up and waiting for the outcome of the hand when all-in.

The flop had already created tension in the showdown, giving Renato more outs. The turn came , giving Renato Puertas 20 outs (14 carries if you count those already eliminated). It was this new way of folding that saved the life of this runner during the race. One of them finished the board, “nullifying” Gilma’s hand and giving Renato the win with two pair and a higher kicker.

So, he doubled up and entered Day 3 with 524,000 in chips. He has already won R$ 8,100, but now has a good chance of winning even better prizes. The broadcast is still ongoing and the game will be played today until the final table is determined.


🤡 Without a doubt, this is the worst way to lose a flip 3️⃣3️⃣🪦 pic.twitter.com/e7ZZLfsVCG

— MundoPoker (@MundoPokerBr) June 19, 2023

KSOP GGPoker: Renato Puertas has cashed in as he s...