KSOP: South American stars make their mark on high rollers

KSOP GGPoker Iguazu: South American Superstar Domi...

brought one of these earlier this week Biggest day for GGPoker Iguazu KSOP. The final table for the main event of the series was set on Monday, and the downtown hall was packed. Among them, the High Roller is a very popular event with a large number of participants, including South American stars among the participants.

Another numerical success is that the tournament’s buy-in of R$7,000 is still open for registration, but some big names already have decent stacks. There are also familiar characters from far and wide. Brazilians, Argentines and Colombians make up a large portion of the participating teams.

Like Luiz Duarte, Fernando Araujo “VCVEM”, Mestre Filipe, Marcos Grassi, Cristian Stival, Cristian Vilches, Léo Duarte, Wender Oliveira, Carlos Serrano, Celso Sirtoli, Gaspar Neuman, Rubens Apovian, Ricardo Sehnem and others, Bruno Lamo, Jorge Osu Na and Fabio Murakami are some of the “famous” players in this field.

Here is a gallery of some of Argentina’s players:

Fernando Araújo VCVEM

Christian S. Tivar

Bruno Ramos

Celso Sirtoli

Leo Duarte

Gaspar Newman

Marcos Grassi

Luis Duarte

Carlos Serrano

Ramon Pessoa

Ricardo Senem

Vinde Oliveira

Mestre Filipe

KSOP GGPoker Iguazu: South American Superstar Domi...

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  • Christiansen.rebeca

    This text appears to be discussing a poker event called GGPoker Iguazu KSOP, specifically highlighting the popularity of the High Roller event and the participation of renowned players from South America such as Luiz Duarte and Fernando Araujo VCVEM. It also mentions the involvement of Brazilian, Argentine, and Colombian players in the tournament.

  • Dorothea.thiel

    The text provides an update on the GGPoker Iguazu KSOP, highlighting the popularity of the event and the participation of well-known players from South America. It also mentions that registration is still open and lists some famous players from Brazil and Argentina.

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