Marlon Santiago earns $525 Bronze Medal Bounty Hunters HR

Marlon Santiago earns $525 Bronze Medal Bounty Hun...

On Day 17 yesterday, the Brazilian team competed for the championship in the Bounty Hunter Series. Marllon Santiago walked with three outs in a $525 Bounty Hunters HR [Double Stack]. The owners of the “Salvinho23” account saw their balances increase by a total of $26,156. There were 589 participants in the championship.

In the $54 Bounty Hunters Daily Main [Double Stack], Douglas Barbosa finished second out of 6,603 entries for $19,165. Minutes earlier, “I AM DARK” had finished fourth, earning $9,788.

Murray Rothbard, for his part, praised the winner of the $44 Bounty Forty Heap event, whose performance earned him $11,667.

In the $32.10 Bounty King Jr event, “conexao3823” finished on the podium and earned $9,846.

Also on GGPoker, Kim “SICKO MODE” de Sousa ended up heads-up in the $250 Bounty Freeze event and won $8,798. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrize $15 Wednesday Wonderbox [Mystery Bounty]”Fawty”1 $5,888Bounty Hunters Special $12.90 “caioxd28″1. $5,71321.60 Big Game”BearTed” 25,616 $GGMasters Double Stack 25 “Flower Heart” 1. $5,492 $25 GGMasters Bounty Special Edition [Turbo] “Uncle Jah” 1

Marlon Santiago earns $525 Bronze Medal Bounty Hun...

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  • This text provides a brief overview of various achievements and winnings by different individuals in different Bounty Hunter Series tournaments. It highlights the success and monetary gains of these players in their respective events.

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    It seems like the Brazilian team had a successful day in the Bounty Hunter Series, with several players earning significant prizes in various events. Marllon Santiago stood out with a notable win, and overall, it was a strong showing for the team in the competition.

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