Negreanu makes Nacho Barbero’s WSOP lean go viral

Negreanu makes Nacho Barbero's WSOP lean go viral

As we told you yesterday, YouTuber Daniel Negreanu is doing his thing at the WSOP, promising to bring the most astounding audiovisual recordings straight to the table. After the second episode, he didn’t make a splash with a strange situation, which you’ll see in the new installment of Freak Friday below. Nacho Barbero

Nacho Barbero assures us: “I will win more than two gold bracelets”.

Nacho Barbero, World Poker Star, “tildó” with Kidpoker in Event 5 for $1,500 Dollars, Dealer Picks 6 hands, the Canadian played a trick on him on one hand.

Within hours of posting the video

– What a joke,” Barbero laughed. “That’s the face of a guy who tried to cheat me on the river,” Negreanu replied. a lot of. “You can’t be so angry, my friend, I don’t know how much you paid on the flop,” Barbero asked, “because I have a big hand!” ” – Daniel concluded.

Negreanu shared snippets of the conversation on his Twitter account, commenting:“This guy won about $5 and made $1 million in two months, but couldn’t bear to be at $1,500 Lost a hand in a dollar tournament. ” In this press release, Negreanu references Barbero’s recent success in poker and highlights his ability to make huge profits in a short period of time. p>VIDEO | Negreanu reveals Nacho Barbero’s

Day 2 Vlog will be live in 30 minutes!

Full video to come in next post, but here’s a preview:

— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) June 1, 2023

All of this happened in a friendly atmosphere at the dinner table, away from any real discussion. Players enjoyed fun moments and shared a laugh, demonstrating the camaraderie that exists in the poker world, especially with each other, even in a tournament as important as the WSOP.

If you want to see the exact moment from the “discussion” you can go straight to the 24:10 minute, but it’s better to watch the full vlog because it’s very interesting.

Negreanu makes Nacho Barbero's WSOP lean go viral

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