Renan Carlos Bruschi Confirmed to Attend GGMillion$ FT

Renan Carlos Bruschi Confirmed to Attend GGMillion...

Star player Renan Carlos Bruschi makes his first career appearance at the GGMillion$ final table. At the end of the long first day, he had 1,643,086 chips, about 41 BBS, the fifth-largest stack in the tournament.

Renan was just one card away from being eliminated before the ITM bubble. With only 6 BBS, he decided to defend the big hand and called an all-in move to Roman Romanovsky, who had more chips and A♣Q♠. He led with A 8♠ and was saved by the 8 ♦ on the river, doubling his stack.

Already in the ITM, Renan must also call out to win the flop. In a blind battle, the Brazilian pushed his chip to the middle of the table and was called by Chris Rudolph. Renan beat the A♥2♣2♠J♣10♦ board with A♠7♥ against 4♦4♣ and saw the German reduced to just one big blind.

Reinan is now close to the leader and has no problem confirming his participation in the final. Former champion Juan Pardo was the last man eliminated on Sunday. He risked 9 BBS when he called CL Ole Schemion’s all-in when he showed A 10♠. The German then bet 9♣8♣ and reached a full house on an 8♠5♣5CheckQ♠8♥ board.

The GGMillion$ game will continue on GGPoker on YouTube on Tuesday the 5th at 3:00pm BST.

Number of chips

1. Ole Schemion (Germany) 3,025,113

2. “TimDunken” (Norway) 2,870,956

3. Daniel Dvoress (Canada) 1,873,195

4. Roman Romanovsky (Ukraine) 1,729,680

5. Renan Carlos Bruschi (Brazil) 1,643,086

6. João Vieira (Portugal) 1,170,056

7. “spaise411” (Russia) 941,156

8. Leon Sturm (Germany) 868,690

9. Owen Messere (UK) 689,068

Prize Pool

1. $308,573

2. $240,982

3. $188,197

4. $146,974

5. $114,780

6. $89,639

7. $70,004

8. $54,670

9. $42,695

Renan Carlos Bruschi Confirmed to Attend GGMillion...

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  • This text provides a summary of Renan Carlos Bruschi’s performance at the GGMillion$ final table, highlighting his close calls and successful plays that allowed him to secure a spot in the final. It also includes the chip counts and prize pool information for the remaining players.

  • This text highlights the journey and achievements of Renan Carlos Bruschi, a star player in the GGMillion$ final table. It mentions his near elimination and subsequent successful plays that led to him securing a spot in the final. The text also provides information about the chip counts and prize pool for the tournament.

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