Ricardo Nagatomo parked in HU of $1,050 GGMasters HR

To win the most important frozen tournament on the Internet, you have to beat the Brazilians. In this week’s $1,050 GGMasters High Roller, the green and yellow flags were on the podium twice. Ricardo Nagatomo finished second for $73,627, while Rodrigo Selouan took bronze and $55,938. Luiz Constantino (4th) and Pedro Cavalieri (5th) won $42,499 and $32,288 respectively.

In a close heads-up match, Ricardo manages to take the lead after sending Pedro home. On a flip of A♥K♠ against J♠J♥, he found one of his outs on the A♣6♣9♣Q♣4♥ board, ending Carioca’s involvement.

In the same next Ricciardo also finished Luis’ level. In another preflop all-in, he bet A 9 ♥ against his compatriot’s A ♥ 8 . The advantage of Q 5♥2♣10♥3♥ didn’t surprise CL and he drew another pot.

The three-handed tournament has been full of ups and downs for all finalists. Shortest stacked “RunTatDog” decided to defend the big stacks and called an all-in from Ricardo, who held K♥J♣. With 6 6♣, the Mexican native won a hand of 10♠A♠3♣9♥5♥ and doubled up.

Now the shortest stacks are at the table and Ricardo reacts quickly. In a blind battle, he called Selouan’s all-in and turned up K♣Q♣. 9tales ace dominated with J 8 ♦ and did not see the 3♥A 8♠Q♠4♠ board preventing HU from forming.

In the next play, Seloun faced another Vor-flop all-in. With 5♠4♠ against K♥J♠, “RunTatDog” had no chance at all on top of Q♣7♠A♥A♣8♣.

Stay away from 11 BBS, Ricardo and “RunTatDog”. The two sides only faced each other for 3 minutes. In the final game, the Brazilian risked 13 BBS and went all out for “RunTatDog”. With 2♠2♣ against J♥9♥, Ricardo with 5♦6♣ Failed miserably. Q♣ 9♣ 4♠ board.