Ricardo Nagatomo parked in HU of $1,050 GGMasters HR

To win the most important frozen tournament on the Internet, you have to beat the Brazilians. In this week’s $1,050 GGMasters High Roller, the green and yellow flags were on the podium twice. Ricardo Nagatomo finished second for $73,627, while Rodrigo Selouan took bronze and $55,938. Luiz Constantino (4th) and Pedro Cavalieri (5th) won $42,499 and $32,288 respectively.

In a close heads-up match, Ricardo manages to take the lead after sending Pedro home. On a flip of A♥K♠ against J♠J♥, he found one of his outs on the A♣6♣9♣Q♣4♥ board, ending Carioca’s involvement.

In the same next Ricciardo also finished Luis’ level. In another preflop all-in, he bet A 9 ♥ against his compatriot’s A ♥ 8 . The advantage of Q 5♥2♣10♥3♥ didn’t surprise CL and he drew another pot.

The three-handed tournament has been full of ups and downs for all finalists. Shortest stacked “RunTatDog” decided to defend the big stacks and called an all-in from Ricardo, who held K♥J♣. With 6 6♣, the Mexican native won a hand of 10♠A♠3♣9♥5♥ and doubled up.

Now the shortest stacks are at the table and Ricardo reacts quickly. In a blind battle, he called Selouan’s all-in and turned up K♣Q♣. 9tales ace dominated with J 8 ♦ and did not see the 3♥A 8♠Q♠4♠ board preventing HU from forming.

In the next play, Seloun faced another Vor-flop all-in. With 5♠4♠ against K♥J♠, “RunTatDog” had no chance at all on top of Q♣7♠A♥A♣8♣.

Stay away from 11 BBS, Ricardo and “RunTatDog”. The two sides only faced each other for 3 minutes. In the final game, the Brazilian risked 13 BBS and went all out for “RunTatDog”. With 2♠2♣ against J♥9♥, Ricardo with 5♦6♣ Failed miserably. Q♣ 9♣ 4♠ board.

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  • This text seems to be describing the results of a poker tournament, specifically the success of Brazilian players in the event and the hands they played. It provides details on the prize money won and the final outcome of the tournament.

  • This text is describing the achievements of Brazilian players in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller frozen tournament on the Internet. It provides details about the players’ winnings and highlights specific hands that were played during the tournament.

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