WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 features 21 new Spaniards

WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 f...

The guesswork, guesswork and organizational caution is over.

The World Series of Poker Main Event has surpassed the size of the 2006 tournament. Now we just have to wait until the registration closes on Saturday night to know the final number of participants and the distribution of prizes.

17-year-old The’s wait is over – we set a new attendance record for the World Series of Poker Main Event!

Registration has reached 8,830 and counting and registration is open until 4:40pm. Saturday broke the previous Main Event record of 8,773.

Thank you to all the players, dealers, staff and…

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 6, 2023 Day

That wasn’t the only milestone of the day, as during the shuffling and dealing of the cards, Chris Moneymaker

Before we list the results of the Spanish players on Day 1, let’s start with what they achieved at the table. No matter what happens on the turn and river from now on, the world champion is already at home.

🇪🇦world champion! ! ! !

– Álex Hernando (@hernando_alex) July 7, 2023

Felt the day was once again very good for our interest. From the moment Jorge Ufano doubled up on the second hand, it’s clear that our players today are not ready for the odds and the stats that at least 25% of the players on the field must do Nor was fired in the top five levels.

The tables I got were not at all good for a typical first day in this tournament. But in the second hand I played, I won straight three jacks with QcTc in 2d8c9sJd3s, from the original 60,000 to 140,000. I don’t dream of starting this way.

— Jorge Ufano (@JorgeUfano) July 6, 2023

In fact, in 24 possible victims, there are only four unfortunate victims: Javier Tsunami, Raul Martinez, Joaquin Olmedo and Ramon Fernandez.

However, as far as flights go, this day 1D wasn’t the best day of stacks out of the previous four flights, especially due to poor chip distribution.

There are some notable chips like Jorge, who ended up with​​188,000 points, José Ignacio Aguilera > (179,000), or René Lázaro, who led the Expedition as a whole in the early rounds, lost his entire stack on the final leg after four days of play to finish with 181,400 points.

One player even made it into the second pile as the Reds surpassed 200,000 points.

This is Sergio Aido, who started the day, sitting on the left side of the tsunami, and although he is not the executioner, has direct influence on his elimination Influence. The fallen chips are now in the hands of the day’s top Spaniard, who still owes the main event a live ITM – which he once cashed in one of the online editions. He can use his own 204,000 points to transfer to the bonus.

On the other hand, when the number of chips counted is lower than the original 60,000 points, the number of chips is not less than 8 points. Always in the absence of a formal report, the report will be released around noon.

  • 58°. Sergio Eido 204,000 (255bb)
  • 77. Jorge Ufano 188.200 (235bb)
  • 97°. Rene Lazaro 181,400 (227bb)
  • 104. Jose Ignacio Aguilera 179,000 (224bb)
  • 271. Alejandro Perez 14​​1,600 (177bb)
  • 1,100°. Juan Manuel Pastor 88,000 (110bb)
  • 1.136°. Lucia Navarro 86,500 (108bb)
  • 1,258°. Roberto Rodriguez 81,400 (102bb)
  • 1.370°. Victor Pope 77,400 (93bb)
  • 1.478°. Ana Marquez 73,700 (92bb)
  • 1.483°. 73,300 (92bb) by Leo Marget
  • 1.527°. Javier Tasson 71,800 (90bb)
  • 1.876°. Ruben Cortez 60,500 (75bb)
  • 2.071°. Pedro Ingalls 54,800 (69bb)
  • 2,082°. Fernando García 54,600 (68bb)
  • 2.196°. Sergi Fernandez 50,800 (64bb)
  • 2.246°. Juan Vilundas 49,000 (61bb)
  • 2,628°. Juan Guardiola 36,200 (45bb)
  • 2,730°. Javier Ettayo 32,400 (41bb)
  • 2.732°. David Rivas 32,300 (40bb)
  • 2.878°. Dani Triana 25,600 (32bb)

Nicholas Rigby is the chip leader and the only player to score over 400,000 in the entire tournament, having already 56th in 2021 ME and leaves that position

Not far behind him is Chris Hunichen “BigHuni”, the new qualifier top 5 most respected player. This is a little surprising. Chance Kornuth, also one of the big stacks of the day, has 241,000 points.

If you want journalists to give you more attention, then you have to be part of the circus. Phil Ivey did it himself (78,900).

Dan Cates and Phil Hellmuth did exactly that the first time they played the Main Event together.

🦁 Quel cirque @phil_hellmuth

— Winamax Poker 🔞 (@Winamax) July 7, 2023

It had an immediate effect and Phil, dressed as Zahmer, nearly fell over the TV table as he continued watching the show. He scored 105,800 points when he passed his hat to ask about the will.

Poor Daniel Cates was sent off for helping the team. Locked in a cage that clearly could have been looser and more comfortable, he took makeup lessons that undoubtedly must have been a chore, and ended up being eliminated before the dinner break.

Which events start today, July 7th?

  • Event #76: $10,000 Main Event NLHE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DAY 2ABC
  • Event #77: $777 LUCKY SEVENS Day 1A

WSOP 2023 Day 38: ME records now official, Day 2 f...

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