WSOP: Chris Brewer Wins Super High Roller for $250,000

WSOP: Chris Brewer Wins $250,000 SHR for Last Hand...

Winning a WSOP bracelet counts towards being considered is the most incredible achievement in the career of a successful poker player, made up of great achievements and achievements over the years. American poker star Chris Brewer won his 40th event on Sunday night and joined the select team of world champions.

Chris faces a very talented group of entrants in the tournament’s most expensive tournament, the $250,000 Super High Roller 69. The entries constitute the “essence” of world poker. He defeated Russia’s Artur Martirosian in the tiebreaker heads-up for an incredible $5,293,556. Excited about his first WSOP win, he said: “Sorry, I had a really tough time. It feels good,” Brewer told PokerNews.

The star-studded final table was also sparked by a dispute between players Dan Smith and Martin Kabrhel, with the American player accusing the Czech of cheating and even asking for a ban after being eliminated.

Chris stays out of the way and, like the Martirosian, pits opponents against each other for a million dollar heads-up match. Brewer trailed 3-1 at the start of the decider, but with great focus he got back into the game.

He gradually adjusted his game against the Russian players, and the final champion was undoubtedly all-in. preflop. Chris is dominated by A7 and Martirosian AK. The Russian hit a nice K95 on the flop, but a ferocious Runner Runner 8 on the turn and a 6 on the river completed Brewer’s straight and ended the game.

See prize breakdown below:

1. Chris Brewer (USA) $5,293,556

2. Artur Martirosian (Russia) $3,271,666

3. Martin Kabrhel (Czech Republic) $2,279,038

4. Alex Kulev (Bulgaria) $1,632,005

5. Chance Kornuth (USA) $1,202,318

6. Dan Smith (USA) $912,022

7. David Peters (USA) $712,953

8. Brandon Steven (USA) $574,899

9. Steven Veneziano (USA) $478,663

10. Alfred Decarolis (USA) $411,940

11. Ben Heath (UK) $411,940

WSOP: Chris Brewer Wins $250,000 SHR for Last Hand...