WSOP: Daniel Weinmann Beats JJ and ME Twice

Daniel Weinmann Wins Three All-Ins Of A Lifetime W...

In order to stand out from the 10,043 entrants in the WSOP Main Event, despite your skill, you must master the deck. Bracelet pro Daniel Weinmann scored perhaps the most important loss of his career on Friday (14th) on Day 8, with the final table just around the corner.

The wild stop happened at 400,000/800,000 blinds and started with a raise from Joshua Payne, a player who led by seven chips for most of the day with 1,600,000. Jose Aguilera three-bet to 4,500,000 on the button, with Weinman in the small blind calling the shots. He decides to 4-bet all-in for 28,700,000 in chips.

Pe En was 18,000,000 behind and needed only a short show before declaring the call. Undeterred by the all-in move, Aguilera called with more chips than any of his opponents. The frenzied stop sparked jubilation from the fans, with all the players on their feet to watch. The flop came and didn’t bring any news to the story.

Only the god of the deck decided to give Daniel a little help on the turn, which made him unbelievable. Payne was naturally distraught, and so was Aguilera. The river card ends the board with . Weinmann won the pot, Payne was busted (14th – $430,200), and Aguilera took home the big bucks.

Daniel Weinmann Wins Three All-Ins Of A Lifetime W...